E is for Environment by Ian James Corlett

Posted on April 18th, 2011 by Carolyn Hart in Go Green! Help Children Learn About Caring for Our Environment

E is for Environment – Stories to Help children Care for Their World – at Home, at School, and at Play
Written by Ian James Corlett and Illustrated by R.A. “Riley” Holt

You will also be interested in our page highlighting picture books about caring for our environment, the water cycle, reducing our environmental footprint and more. Terrific resources for Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Featuring a friendly, conversational tone, E Is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their WorldStorytime Standouts writes about E Is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their World provides a wealth of useful information for children and families.Storytime Standouts looks at E is for Environment

After hearing a presentation by Matt Hill and Steph Tait of Run for 1 Planet at their school, Elliott and Lucy are inspired to find all sorts of ways to take action to “green” their world.

Twenty-six chapters (four pages each) cover everything from carpooling to soccer games and wearing a sweater rather than turning the thermostat up to packing a litterless lunch and choosing green gifts.

Each chapter begins with a scenario that suggests an opportunity for Lucy and Eilliott to make a change. Readers are encouraged to answer a question, “What do you think Elliot’s new plan was?” and then read to see if their guesses are correct. Additional supporting information is provided, and more questions prompt readers to consider how they can apply Elliott and Lucy’s decisions to their own lives. Thought-provoking quotes enhance most of the chapters.

  • When Elliott decides to use rechargeable batteries in his favourite toy robot, we learn that rechargeable batteries have up to 28 times less impact on the environment than regular (alkaline) batteries and rechargeable batteries can be reused up to 1,000 times.
  • When the family decides to walk to the post office rather than drive, we learn that Thomas Jefferson remarked, “Of all exercises walking is the best.” and Stephen Wright said, “Anywhere is walking distance, if you have the time.”

In addition to being an inspiring resource for families, E is for Environment is ideal for primary classroom use. Reading one chapter aloud each week could be used to prompt on-going discussions and action including encouraging young researchers to explore the science behind the book.

E Is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their World at Amazon.com

E Is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their World at Amazon.ca

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28 Comments on “E is for Environment by Ian James Corlett”

  1. Tracey Morris

    Think this would be a wonderful book to own 🙂

  2. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Best of luck Tracey,
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Teri Johnson

    Oh, how I wish this book had been around while I was teaching Kindergarten….sounds fabulous! Retired, now I could share it with my grandchildren!

  4. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Teri –
    You and your grandchildren will find this book interesting. Ian Corlett has many interesting ideas to share. Good luck!

  5. Lee-Ann S

    This book sounds fantastic and if it is like E is for Ethics I have a feeling my daughter will love it. Hopefully it can help us counteract some of the mixed messages she gets.

  6. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Lee-Ann,
    I really appreciated that fact that it is not “preach-y.” Readers are encouraged to do their best.

  7. V.J. Hill

    This book sounds amazing! What a great source for kids and adults alike!

  8. Shirley

    It’s a terrific idea to reinforce environment consciousness at a young age. This would be a great addition to the local library and the school library!

  9. Melissa Poremba

    We are always looking for new ideas to celebrate Earth Week at our school, and for new initiatives for the Green Team. This sounds like a great resource.

  10. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Melissa – you are absolutely right. This is a great resource for a teacher’s bookshelf or a school library.

  11. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Shirley -I’ve made your email address “invisible” – don’t worry, you are still in the draw. Best of luck.

  12. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    I like the format – especially for grade two or three. Short chapters and engaging illustrations will appeal to emergent readers.

  13. Denise Brooks

    It sounds like this book does a great job of giving practical examples of reducing, reusing, recycling, and perhaps most importantly, re-thinking how we live our lives. I will definitely check out this book and this author. Thank you for suggesting a timely resource and giving us information about top-quality children’s literature.

  14. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Thanks for visiting Denise –
    Best of luck in the contest.

  15. Karen Kaminski

    I’m not only excited about seeing this book, I am excited about this website! As a Kindergarten teacher and aspiring writer, both will be fun to explore. THANKS!

  16. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Thanks so much for visiting Karen! I hope you will find lots of helpful information here.

  17. Wei

    Wow this looks like a fantastic book to introduce to my niece!

  18. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    It has lots to offer. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Connie

    This book leaves lots of room for discussion with students about what they can do to maintain and improve the earth’s environment.

  20. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    I completely agree Connie. It also allows students and families to make choices that work for them.

  21. Tracy Blagdon

    This book looks fabulous! I love the idea of empowering children to take action and make a postive impact. This book looks like a great way to approach environmental issues with kids…and my kids love books!

  22. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Best of luck Tracy. I’m so glad to hear that your children love books. Bravo!

  23. michelle

    This book looks great and would be a fantastic book to share with my daughter. It would certainly help her understand the importance of being good to the environment. The authors approach is one that she would enjoy as well as understand.

  24. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Michelle –
    Thank you for stopping by. I’m sure both you and your daughter would enjoy the book. Good luck!

  25. Carol Clark

    This book sounds interesting. I like the format of the book with short chapters and scenarios to help you think about what you should do instead of “listing/telling” you what to do. I think when children have to think something through by themselves, they are more likely to internalize it and hopefully remember to follow through with the concept/idea in life.

  26. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Hi Carol –
    Twenty-six short chapters really enable readers to commit to making a long-term change. Best of luck in our draw!

  27. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Congratulations Carol C –
    You are a winner!

  28. Carolyn - Storytime Standouts

    Congratulations Tracy B –
    You are a winner!

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