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Chicken Thief – Wordless Picture Book Chase Fun

Posted on June 24th, 2012 by Carolyn Hart


Storytime Standouts looks at a wordless picture book with an unexpected twist, The Chicken Thief

The Chicken Thief created by Beatrice Rodriguez
Wordless picture book published by Enchanted Lion Books

Bear and Rabbit are just sitting down for a meal when one of their chicken friends is scooped up by Fox. Shocked at the brazenness of Fox’s thieving behavior, Bear, Rooster and Rabbit are outraged and are soon in hot pursuit.

Before long, Fox and Chicken have entered the deep, dark woods and Rabbit, Bear and Rooster are tiring. When they bed down for the night, Chicken can see her friends, in the moonlight. The following day, Chicken is remarkably relaxed, playing checkers with Fox and sleeping curled up, next to her abductor. The chase continues and as she and Fox take off in a boat, she does not look the least bit frightened. In fact, she wears sunglasses and reclines comfortably at the bow. When her three bedraggled friends finally catch up to Fox and Chicken, they are ready for a fight and surprised at what they discover.

Youngsters will thoroughly enjoy carefully examining the small details included in the ink and paint illustrations. Great fun for preschool and up.

Publisher’s Weekly Best Children’s Books of 2010
School Library Journal Best Children’s Books of 2010
A Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choice, 2011

The Chicken Thief at

The Chicken Thief at

Our page about Wordless and Almost Wordless Picture Books

Baby birds come from eggs except if…

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by Carolyn Hart


Storytime Standouts takes a look at picture book except If
except ff written and illustrated by Jim Averbeck
Picture book published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

except if is a playful, unpredictable picture book that challenges the reader to avoid making assumptions and to use his or her imagination. Bold illustrations provide clues and, just as we think we have solved the mystery, they surprise us with unexpected results. An egg that is just about to hatch must surely hold a young bird – or does it?

An egg is not a baby bird,
but it will become one
except if
it becomes a baby snake
who will slither along the ground on its belly
except if

Very well suited to reading aloud, except if will be enjoyed by youngsters aged three and up.

Follow-up activities could include having children create their own cracked eggs and surprising hatchlings.

except if at

except if at

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